200801pinkpeta.jpgThere's been a lot of noise lately about the horse-drawn carriage industry in New York. In early September it was announced that the city comptroller audited how well the city polices the carriage horse industry (surprise: not well!). This was almost immediately followed by the death of a horse who was apparently spooked by the drums of a nearby street musician. Now all eyes are the industry, and PETA is bringing the message to a Times Square billboard, for all carriage-riding tourists to see.

The singer Pink will be teaming up with PETA for the campaign. On their website she states, "Every time I see a horse-drawn carriage in a concrete jungle, I point and yell 'animal cruelty' at the top of my lungs to try to make the driver and occupants as uncomfortable as possible. It honestly hurts my heart when I think of what those horses must be feeling, as far as anxiety and fear, and how unnatural and wrong it is for these animals to have blinders on, trotting up and down on concrete, while taxis blare and people scream. It's absolutely unnatural and ignorant of us to continue this outdated tradition. What about this is romantic?" She tells The Daily News, however, that she is "not fighting against the police horses"...yet!

Sign the petition to ban carriage horses, which will be sent to Mayor Bloomberg, here.