Recently a girl—who at one point in this video says she's 17—was doing some ballet moves in the middle of Times Square with what appears to be her family and friends around. As all of this is going on, one man (stranger danger!) comes up and starts videotaping her. Carlos Miller notes that his questionable zooms "prompt some of her friends to berate the guy for being a pervert, even though they were essentially doing the same thing, except with still cameras."

Her crew (they all appear to be tourists) tell him "you can't videotape her butt" and "you don't have to videotape her crotch." He responds on the defense by calling one woman an "old bag" and says he has the right to videotape in public, "you idiot." The heated scene ends after the man repeatedly calls a cyclist (who was getting in on the action) a "goober," and the girl and her crew flee the scene. Welcome to New York?