Aerial view of South Brunswick, from Terraserver.comAccording to Page Six: "Our item about low morale at the Wall Street Journal hit a nerve. One staffer e-mailed us: "To say that morale is low here is an insult to companies with bad morale. I think you'd be hard pressed to find an employee happy to be here. We receive our 'bonus' checks for being unceremoniously dumped here in Elba . . . oops, I mean South Brunswick, N.J., on Thursday, Feb. 13. It will be truly interesting to see how much of the staff gives notice on the 14th. There are people here who would rather quit and take their chances than spend another minute under such blithering boobs." A rep for the Journal declined comment." Hmm, last time I heard, there weren't that many jobs in the media industry... and at least they have jobs now, even if they are in South Brunswick