You know what's offensive? Fake blood. That's what managers at the Highline Ballroom told singer Kayvon Zand, who often incorporates fetish gear, fire eating and fake blood into his acts. So after being told there could be no fire eating or fake blood in his performance on Thursday, he settled for the next best thing: sex.

According to the Post, Zand instructed two of the fire performers to have sex on stage. And of course, they listened. The group was yanked from the stage and told they could never perform there again once the performers started engaging in an act of sodomy. But Zand didn't seem too fazed, telling his Twitter followers, "Thanks again to ALL who came to the show and witnessed us GETTING BANNED from the Highline Tonight!" Here's a video of a typical Zand performance. Tell us, could it use a little sexing up?

KAYVON ZAND "So Gone" from Wetcircuit on Vimeo.