Boomerang; Photo - NY Daily NewsThe Daily News has succeeded in raising $8,700 for lion cub Boomerang, who was dumped by a Post reporter working on a story about online animal trafficking and could not care for the animal. As it costs $10,000 to build a lion a habitat and as the Daily News has been relentless in letting people know how stupid/heartless/animal-ignorant the Post is, many people have contributed to Boomerang's fund. One donor was Harold Eric Theurer of Brooklyn "who gave the cute cat $20 he just got as a gift for his 8th birthday." He added a P.S. of "Give Boomerang a hug for me." Aww, but Gothamist still thinks the Daily News should donate money to the cause, lest force little children donate their hard earned birthday money while the paper gets to fan with Post rivalry.

The DN also reports that Steiner Sports Memorabilia will donate proceeds of Yankee-Red Sox packages (like signed Don Zimmer photo, signed Pedro Martinez baseball) to Boomerang. There's a gap in Steiner's thinking. If they want to make money, they need to get a signed photo of Pedro's face shove of Zimmer.

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