Beginning yesterday and continuing through Sunday morning, the Phish fan threat level has been raised to orange in a ten block radius surrounding Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. Commuters using Penn Station are strongly advised to consider alternative means of transport, as the streets and sidewalks are nearly impassible due to dreadlocked trustafarians offering heady nugs for your extra. As an alternative, travelers bound for Long Island are advised to take the subway to Atlantic Terminal and transfer to the LIRR there for eastbound, non-phatty service.

The quartet kicked off a sold-out four night run at Madison Square Garden last night, which will culminate in a three set extravaganza on New Year's Eve. It was Phish's 20th performance at the venue, and while we were able to send photographer Katie Sokoler into the pit for three songs, Phish's manager would not provide a ticket, and scalpers were asking twice face value, around $120. So there's not much we can tell you about the show itself, but judging by these photos, we're guessing frontman Trey Anastasio spent the bulk of the concert making his signature "O-face," and there were many bro-man-dude high-fives rippling throughout the Garden, which just reopened after a major face-lift.

So there are three more nights of Phish at the Garden, and the hoards of ticketless wookies stumbling around outside the venue will only swell as New Year's Eve approaches. But if you're curious about the band and want to check them out hassle-free, Phish is offering a live multi-camera simulcast from the Garden each night. Proceeds go to charity, and it's sort of an ideal way to try Phish on your own terms. The knee-jerk hipster backlash against the band—which always seemed more directed at their more degenerate followers than the music itself—has faded considerably since Phish reunited in 2009. And when we caught them over the summer at a three-day festival upstate, they were enthralling. For $15, the simulcast is a great deal.