Gothamist loved The March of the Penguins (the drama! the weather! the adorable baby penguins!) so much that we decided we had to see some penguins, since this town may never give us the pandas we deserve. And the NY Post had the same idea, dispatching a reporter to visit the penguins of Coney Island. Reporter Michael Kane had a Costeau-y narration ("In an isolated and untamed Atlantic outpost separated from civilization by a chain-link fence and reachable by a perilous trek on foot, automobile, skateboard, pogo stick or any of four MTA subway lines...") as well as the thoughts from a group of visitors to the New York Aquarium:

"Do something!" shouts an onlooker, as the birds stand motionless on their rock ledge. One of the full-grown 2-footers eventually waddles over to the edge and stares down at the water - for 15 minutes.

"He needs a push," says one onlooker. "Go ahead, do it! Jump!"

Another onlooker adds, "That ain't no penguin. That's a big chicken."

Gothamist heartily believes that the visitors were probably New Yorkers.

You can also see penguins at the Central Park Zoo; both the New York Aquarium and the Central Park Zoo are open 365 days a year! The animated film Madagascar turns some Central Park Zoo penguins into troublemakers. And, of course, there's Penguin Clothing.

Photograph of Central Park penguin from Bluejake