2007_06_arts_peel.jpgAustin seems to be pumping out the rock bands lately. The latest on our radar is Peel, who mix indie-pop with rock-noise creating anthemic lullabies. This weekend they make their New York debut, with two shows at Pianos and one at Matchless. We have a pair of tickets to give away for each show at Pianos. So if you'd like to rock out Austin-style, email us at GothamistContest (a) gmail dot com and tell us why.

How did your band name originate?
It's a four letter word. Plus, nearly all of the others were taken.

You're all from Austin, do you read our sister site, Austinist?
Yeah! Our appreciation has been mutual from the start.

These are your first New York shows, do you have anything special in store?
Our first show will be a trial of the audience, testing their constitution for psychedelic Texas glam rockobstacle course. The second show will be a benefit for the survivors of the first night.

SXSW, because we're lazy. It isn't that we wouldn't want to play CMJ, but it's 27 hours away from home, and some of us have a math class to teach in the morning.

Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup, your all-star Olympic team of rock?
Clara Rockmore on theremin, Brian Eno on keys and knobby things, Paul McCartney on bass, Steve Shelley on drums, Elliot Easton on guitar, John Fehey on acoustic guitar and Curt Boettcher on vocals.

Please share your strangest "only in New York" story.
My friend Randal and I took the 7 into Long Island City to see if the rumors of The Point were true.

We stroll into a Blimpies, and this wife-beater-slash-alligator-boots dude comes in with a machete and says "I'm tired of all this shitty pizza," and presents arguments that make less sense than his choice of accessories.

Long story short, he ends up bleeding on the floor, we're headed for the door, and I hear the guy behind us say "Dude, gimme my meatball sub, I gots warrants."

No one but us seemed even remotely phased by the scene.

Which New Yorker do you most admire?
Kurt Vonnegut, RIP.

Favorite New York band?
In no particular order, NAS, The Beastie Boys and They Might Be Giants.

What's your current soundtrack to your city?
Horse+donkey and Ghostland Observatory really get the fists and crotches pumping.