2007_05_rosieod.jpgAfter Wednesday's blow-up with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie O'Donnell made today's show her last day on The View. Originally, O'Donnell's exit was planned for June 20, but it seems like she wanted out early. Here are some statements via ABC News:

Brian Frons, the president of Disney-ABC's Daytime Television Group, said, "We had hoped that Rosie would be with us until the end of her contract three weeks from now, but Rosie has informed us that she would like an early leave. Therefore, we part ways, thank her for her tremendous contribution to 'The View' and wish her well."

Barbara Walters, the show's creator and co-executive producer, said, "I brought Rosie to the show. Rosie contributed to one of our most exciting and successful years at 'The View.' I am most appreciative. Our close and affectionate relationship will not change."

In her statement, O'Donnell said, "I'm extremely grateful. It's been an amazing year and I love all three women."

It's unclear if O'Donnell left because of the various fights or the firing of her head writer (fired because she defaced photographs of Elizabeth Hasselbeck).

And just when you thought it couldn't get weirder/surreal, O'Donnell offers up a montage of images set to a Cyndi Lauper song on her blog today.