It appears that the much-maligned Pavilion movie theater in Park Slope, which at one point was a strong contender for Nastiest Theater in NYC, is under new ownership, and they've vowed to help the theater clean up its act (which allegedly includes a healthy bedbug population). But will they win over the neighbors, many of whom have given up any semblance of hope?

Former corporate owners Cinedigm announced that it has sold the Park Slope Pavilion to new operators, according this report, while FIPS fires up the rumor mill with talk that a Jewish business group bought the theater. Whoever the mystery owners are, they're apparently making over the theater, repainting the walls, refurbishing the seats and carpets, and looking for a food partner to re-open the cafe.

The owners had no comment on what they're doing to get rid of the blood-sucking pests, however, probably because they never admitted to having them in the first place. Might we suggest they invest in a few Pavilion-inspired bed bug movie seat covers just in case?