Remember way back in May, when the owners of the Pavilion movie theater in Park Slope, a frontrunner for the title of Nastiest Theater in the city, claimed they would clean up the theater's act, after numerous reports of bedbugs? Well, it looks like that might not be an empty promise after all, if this picture is to be trusted.

Months ago, FIPS reported that the theater's new owners planned to gussy up the space with repainted walls and refurbished seats and carpets, and while it's taken them a while, the "old, broken, dirty" seats do appear to be kaput. A call to the theater confirms that all of the screening rooms except for one have been refurbished in the past few weeks, and the last theater will be completed soon.

While this is good news for Park Slope moviegoers, why in the name of all that is pure and good in this world would the theater leave their (allegedly) bedbug-infested seats out on the street, uncovered, for all the world to see and possibly become infected by? A rep from the theater was peeved that we'd even think of such a thing, telling us, "The new seats have nothing to do with bedbugs. We never had bedbugs. I don't know what you're talking about."