Last night '90s alt rockers Pavement played the first of many anticipated reunion shows in NYC. When the band's reunion was first announced a year ago, it initially seemed that the band would play just one gig, scheduled for Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. The first show immediately sold out, and so another date was added, and then another and another, and now Malkmus & Co. is cashing in with a five night stand, which kicked off last night at The Williamsburg Waterfront. Were you there? Or were you supposed to go but couldn't remember where you stashed the tickets you bought a year ago? Last week, The New Yorker reported that Pavement fans of a certain age were struggling to remember where they put the damn tickets:

So where are your tickets, Dan Dunford, high-school history teacher? “At this moment,” Dunford said, from his Harlem apartment, “I am reasonably sure they are in the bottom drawer of my nightstand.” He paused, and the sound of rustling papers could be heard. "Oh, shit. O.K. They’re not in this bottom drawer. At least not at this moment."

Brooklynvegan has a snapshot of last night's setlist, and photographer Greg Chow will have a full recap on The Music Street Team later today. Ben Ratliff at the Times is one of the first out of gate, and says the show "started out sluggish and indistinct. That could have been fatigue or boredom from months of reunion touring, or sound issues, or a bad approximation of what Pavement used to be, through the 1990s: mercurial, discrepant, occasionally a mess. But about 30 minutes in, the band started trying harder, or stopped. If it were clearly one or the other, Pavement would be a lesser band. In any case, the band tightened up and got louder and found its stride. It became a good approximation of what it used to be."

You can't ask for more than that, right? Below, stellar Vimeo from Big Ass Lens of "Starlings Of The Slipstream / Gold Soundz / Kennel District / Range Life," plus amateur video with surprisingly okay sound quality of "Grounded":

Pavement - Starlings Of The Slipstream / Gold Soundz / Kennel District / Range Life from Big Ass Lens on Vimeo.