Besides being a former MTA board member, Nancy Shevell is also the vice president of administration for New England Motor Freight trucking company—and on Wednesday, she brought her husband Paul McCartney along for a surprise visit to their Syracuse location. Sure, it may not have been as exhilarating as a trip to the box factory—but locals sounded pretty excited about Macca's visit: "TWO of my family members met SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY! SO COOL!" wrote Ronnie Miller.

Miller, a morning producer at Y94 FM, posted about his family's brush with the former Wings frontman this week. When he asked his father-in-law about the meeting, he was told that Macca is "really tall, he smells really good." His father-in-law said McCartney was very nice and shook hands with everyone, but asked that there be no photographs taken or requests for autographs—it looks like that photography request was only partially heeded. "I said 'Dude I can’t wait to shake your hand, the hand that shook Paul McCartney’s'," Miller added.

So what does the writer of "And I Love Her," "Hey Jude," "Eleanor Rigby," "Let It Be," "Maybe I'm Amazed," "Band On The Run," "My Love," and, um, "Wonderful Christmas Time," talk about with blue collar workers? According to CNY Central, they talked about Bruce BROOOOOOCE Springsteen. Because of course they did.