Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was indicted this week for tax fraud and money laundering. Along with indictments against two other former Trump staffers, it was the most explicit evidence to date, in the NY Times' words, that Trump's campaign "was eager to coordinate with the Russian government to damage his rival, Hillary Clinton." And Manafort's dramatic plunge from a highly paid Republican consultant to alleged conspirator against the United States had a local twist: some Brooklyn bloggers had previously figured out that Manafort owned a brownstone at 377 Union Street, which turned out to be one of several ventures which he used to allegedly launder money.

Now, the residents of the neighborhood have given the home a cheeky unofficial landmark status, declaring it to be: "The House That Brought Down A President."

Photographer Amy Finkel took a photo of the sign, which declares that 377 Union Street "will forever be known as the building that lead to the collapse of the presidency of Donald J. Trump." Finkel also left her own token of respect there last night.

"I carved a Robert Mueller pumpkin this Halloween; I take yearly pumpkin carving very seriously," she told Gothamist. "I was going to throw it out downstairs last night, but then I had a better idea. It's now resting peacefully outside Paul Manafort's Brooklyn brownstone—the house that helped Mueller bring him down. Like Manafort, my pumpkin is now rotten."