Patrick Stewart's will-to-live-draining experience with Time Warner Cable is over! Are you surprised that new Park fucking Sloper Captain Jean-Luc Picard's television experience has been saved by a signal from outer space? Of course not.

After publicly complaining about his experience with getting Time Warner Cable set up, seems Stewart finally just gave up on cable. Yesterday he tweeted a thank you note to Dish Networks for hooking him up:

So yay for Professor X getting his boob tube times back. But we guess this means that the famously bald actor isn't a big fan of the baldest show on TV, because as anyone who has watched Breaking Bad this last season knows, AMC is most certainly not carried by Dish anymore. Then again, if he is a fan, we're sure the captain of the USS Enterprise can get somebody to replicate him some screeners.

Meanwhile, Time Warner is taking it in stride. "We’re sorry that he had a bad experience and we wish him the best," Time Warner spokesman Bobby Amirshahi said.

And now it is time for an engaging remix: