Pat Kiernan: Hairstyle Loyalist

Today NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan (also head honcho of Pat's Papers) divulged that he does his own hair and makeup every day prior to being on air, and before you've even had your breakfast, slacker. Naturally, we had to find out what kind of tips Kiernan could give us—below, he delivers:


It's easy to do your hair quickly if you keep the same hairstyle decade after decade.

2. Eye makeup is most easily removed if you don't apply it in the first place.

3. Glossy "Fox Lips" are best suited to female anchors who have a makeup artist ready to ensure that they remain glossy throughout the newscast.

4. Dark lip color makes you look older. Or dead.

5. To ensure manliness is intact on a makeup buying trip at Bloomingdale's, I make it clear within first eight seconds of transaction that "it's for TV."

6. Macho concern (see #5) should not lead so many 60-year-old politicians and CEOs to say "I don't need makeup" for TV appearances. Shiny skin on TV is not flattering for anyone.

7. Women should tread gently when buying into the "blue eye shadow is a hot look for fall" hype. It can easily veer into a 1980s music video look.

8. Stubble tears paper baby wipes when you use them as your makeup remover. Try the cloth-like Costco wipes instead.

9. Only George Whipple can pull off the thick eyebrow look.

10. No matter how humid the "bad hair day," generous amounts of hairspray will always prevail.

And there you have it, gentlemen (and ladies)—even if we can't all look as good at Pat Kiernan, now we can at least try. Just remember to stay away from the Bieber cut.