In November, Regis Philbin left his post at Live! With Regis & Kelly (née Kathie Lee), after co-hosting for over 20 years. Since then, the search has been on for a replacement, and of course, we've been rooting for NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan. Last March he told us about being a dark horse contendor for the show, and now nearly a full year later, he's been booked to guest host.

On March 7th Kiernan will make his guest co-host debut alongside Kelly, and interviewing Willem Dafoe. Also guest hosting that week are Nick Lachey and Martin Short. Kiernan told us last night (tongue in cheek, of course): "Only a handful of people in the world have my level of expertise in holding up newspapers on camera. Kelly does an admirable job, but I know together we can take it to the next level."

Kiernan added, "Of course I'm nervous. As many hours as I've spent on live TV, it's tough to step into a new situation. Kelly has proven an amazing ability over the past few weeks to make her co-hosts feel at ease. She's been taking the lead—but she does it in a way that keeps the guest host involved." And we're sure Kiernan fans will be there with encouraging signs ("KIERNAN MAKES MY HEART GO PAT PAT PAT," etc).

Until then, let's revisit Kiernan's recent "Sh*t Pat Kiernan Says" video, where he refers to a possible Live! stint.