By last night it seems Justin Bieber had recovered from catching his own fever, and was well enough to perform to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden. The 16-year-old hadn't been feeling well in the days leading up to the concert, part of his My World Tour, but by yesterday he was excitedly Twittering that it was Purple Day, and that a Biebercopter was flying over the city trying to capture on video anyone that wore purple in his honor. Or something. Seriously!

The Biebs was getting even more pumped for his big show as the clock ticked down, declaring: "Tonight I perform with my heroes!" The show was being filmed for a 3-D DVD, and joining him throughout the night were Boyz II Men, Usher, Jaden Smith, and Miley Cyrus. You can hear Cyrus and Bieber's duet here (just kidding, all you'll hear is screaming)—where the fan who filmed the video gives a little insight into Bieber's world, writing: "OK! THATS IT! I will not stand for ANY damn haters. Justin is a flirt, you know that! Miley DOES not like him in that way. It wasn't like Miley decided this... Justin did or his crew or whoever." Ah, to be a tweenage girl again, when your biggest fear is that Miley Cyrus is going to steal away your androgynous pop star crush.

No word on if fellow Canadian and NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan is pro or con Miley, but he did celebrate Purple Day in his own way: getting The Biebs haircut at the salon! The result (pictured above) is just as terrifying and awesome as you might imagine. (Here's a DIY guide to The Biebs should you be feeling adventurous.)