Everyone loves a nice, cool dip in the water on sweltering summer days, but unless you have the luxury of having a private pool in your building—or rich friends in the suburbs—your options are pretty limited. You can schlep out to the beaches to freeze yourself in the Atlantic, or brave the unsanitary nightmare that is a public pool. But some hotels are wising up, and are letting outsiders enjoy the luxuries of summertime swims...for a fee.

The manager of the Holiday Inn on West 57th Street tells the Times they don't advertise their $60 day pass to their roof deck pool, which is surrounded by padded lounge chairs and has a nearby bar. But word does get around. GoNYC has the lowdown on 14 hotels that offer similar passes. A day at the indoor pool costs just $25 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, and $50 buys you penthouse pool and gym access at the Le Parker Meridien. If you know a guest at Hotel Gansevoort, the glass-enclosed rooftop pool featuring underwater music is free.

Of course, this means New Yorkers will be forced to pick between dealing with noisy kids at a public pool or dealing with tourists (possibly with noisy kids) at a hotel in order to enjoy the water. Which is worse?