The chauffeur of P. Diddy (then Puff Daddy) revealed that after he, P. Diddy, and another Diddy/Daddy associate were arrested after the 1999 club shooting, he and the bodyguard (not Diddy) all smoked pot and drank cognac. Chauffer Wendel Fenderson is trying to sue Diddy for $3 million, claiming post-traumatic stress after Diddy demanded he speed away from cops. Fenderson is also alleging that he was scared of Diddy and his posse, though Fenderson's admission of partying seems to negate that, and quite frankly, it's really not surprising that one would rejoice with some substances after being sprung from jail. But the Daily News reports neglects to address the most important thing: Were they drinking and passing the Courvoisier? (Not that P. Diddy was smoking or drinking, he was probably busy calming J.Lo down - thanks, cj for making us clear that up.)

Busta Rhymes's Pass the Courvoisier, which features not just P.Diddy but Pharell as well: Lyrics, making of the video, and live performance. And another Courvoisier conoissuer: The Ladies' Man.