We have a confession to make. We really, really love trash TV. We're not talking run-of-the-mill trash like Desperate Housewives (watched the first season, stopped caring) or syndicated trash like the Tyra Banks Show (uhm... won't turn it off if it comes on). No, we're talking about the kind of trash that you have to work to find and watch. We're the kind of people who have gone out of our way to watch every made-for-TV movie Tori Spelling has ever been in (Have you seen Co-ed Call Girl? Yeah, we have). Which brings us to the wonderful gift that SoapNet has given us for the past three months: Pasadena.

2005_12_31_pasadena_cast.jpgWhat in the world are we talking about? Oh, just the best canceled night-time soap you never saw. Created by Mike White (Chuck & Buck) in 2001 the show follows the Greeleys of Pasadena, an awesomely fucked up power-family in California who not only own the biggest newspaper in town they seem to own the police as well. Fox canceled the show after airing only four episodes (kinda understandable what with the implied incest, the drug abuse, the murders, the suicides, the conspicuous consumption, the over-sexed Reverend, the corrupt therapist, the body buried in the bushes and general insanity maybe the show was "too dark" for the immediate post-9/11 climate) but luckily for us, the thirteen episodes that were still filmed are now being aired for the first time.

We're really not doing the spectacular nature of the show justice though. The cast is consistently excellently over the top (Dana Delany chews the scenery as if she were auditioning for a remake of Mommie Dearest while even the normally irritating Alison Lohman shines, and who knew Balthazar Getty was still acting?). But really, this is one of those things you are just going to have to trust us on. The last episode, in which the shows main mystery will reportedly be solved, airs tonight (can you say "New Year's Eve Pre-game?"). More importantly, however, SoapNet is going to re-air the entire series on Monday from 11am till Midnight. Seriously, if you love night-time dramas you, or your TiVo, really should check it out. If only so someone will eventually release the show on DVD.

Which leads us to one last question, just out of curiosity, uhm, are we the only people who lurve this show or has our taste finally hit the bottom of the barrel?