2005_11_partybike.jpgThose cognitive dissonance-inducing multiple rider bicyles that you see tourists on in Midtown have a sworn enemy: A 50-something year old pianist who is woken up by raucous PartyBikers (the company that runs them is PartyBike) is waging a campaign to get them off Eighth Avenue. Sammy G. (last name withheld) tells the Post that PartyBikes have barreled into pedestrians because they are out of control and that other PartyBikes will race each other down the street. Hmm, Eighth Avenue doesn't sound like the best place to do that since many cars are zipping up to head uptown. While PartyBike says, "We just give rides...there's never been an accident, and it's a safe operation" and crows about being on The Amazing Race, Good Morning America and The Tony Danza Show, Sammy G. isn't convinced. Sammy G. has been "investigating" the operation for a couple months: "One time, I followed them to find out where they started from, and what their exact route was. Another time, I went undercover, posing as a guy named Joe who was 'interested in going for a ride.'" Sammy G. is two steps away from pure, vigilanteism!

Have you PartyBiked? Or do you just make fun of PartyBikers? Gothamist just feels bad for the PartyBike drivers, because whenever we see them, they are doing all the work and the overweight tourists are just having a grand ol' time.