While performance artist Thoth, beloved by many, awaits his court date in August after getting arrested for "prayforming," the Parks Department has gotten back to us with their somewhat canned comment on the incident. Parks spokesperson Philip Abramson explains:

"There are many spaces in Central Park where unamplified music may be played without a permit. However, the Bethesda Terrace area has been designated a 'quiet zone' for many years. The Parks Department routinely asks musicians and performers to move from Bethesda to other areas of the park such as the Bandshell and Dead Road.

On Sunday afternoon, many performers were playing at Bethesda at the same time creating a great deal of noise as well as crowd congestion. Parks asked all of them to relocate, which they all did, except for two individuals who refused to move. Those individuals were arrested by Parks Enforcement Patrol and taken to the Central Park Precinct where they were issued summonses and released."

Allegedly the Central Park Conservancy isn't involved, as they maintain and program the park, but the Parks Department makes the rules and enforces them. Other "quiet zones" in the area besides Bethesda include: Sheep Meadow, Turtle Pond and Strawberry Field. So, do you want everyone to STFU in these areas? Because the public in the video of Thoth's arrest seemed to be a-okay with the performer remaining there.