If it isn't enough that the world has issues with America over our foreign policies, Vice President Dick Cheney has made sure the world hates our fashion choices as well. When traveling to Poland for a ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Cheney made the decision to wear an "olive-drab parka, hiking boots and knit ski cap," truly enforcing the ugly American stereotype. The Washington Post's Robin Givhan points out that the cap looked like swag (it had "Staff 2001" on it) and the Chene(y)Man wore a subdued dark coat and no hat during the Inauguration last week. As reader Marc (thanks for the link) points out, it looks like Cheney thinks he's watching a football game. We understand that his ticker is sensitive, but come on... Any quick-thinking aide would have given up his coat for Cheney, so Gothamist can only assume that Cheney barked "No! Me want furry coat!" Given Cheney is sorta okay with the gays, maybe the Queer Eye guys need to get a hold of him.

And it's Fashion Week in New York, starting next Friday!

Photo from the AP via CNN