This white squirrel was spotted in Park Slope yesterday near the 9th Street entrance to Prospect Park, just hanging out doing nothing in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe it'll see that new Jake Gyllenhaal movie at the Pavilion later, or just take a nap after getting a nice slice of Lemon Raspberry Pound Cake at Connecticut Muffin. You know, just see how the day goes. Please note that this is not an albino squirrel (those have pinkish eyes), this is just a white squirrel. Doing whatever on a Tuesday afternoon.

Check the white squirrel out full-size in this large-scale photo. No one knows where it came from, but we're guessing this isn't the last white squirrel we'll be seeing around Park Slope. Soon enough the neighborhood will look just like Marionville, Missouri, where a colony of white squirrels have taken over the town.

As one area man told National Geographic, the white squirrel population in Missouri "kinda takes away from what's going on in our world. Uh... It's good news." What other white animals would you like to see in Brooklyn?