Hey, pretend it's the '50s and you're reading this article in a newspaper titled "Who’s That With Baby at the Y? Why, It’s Daddy." Wait, shouldn't daddy be at the office with his briefcase while mommy is with the baby at the Y, or preferably in the kitchen making dinner and starching shirts?

Anyway, seems that the Prospect Park YMCA in Park Slope had to change the name of their "Mommy and Baby" classes to "Parent and Baby" after the men started showing up. But why even single out fathers in the first place? Supposedly at the end of last year, a lone father would occasionally show up at a "Baby Boogie" class, but after seeing he was the only male, "he would become so uncomfortable that he disappeared quickly." But, it's 2009 now and everything has changed. In fact, just this week at the class "6 of the 22 parents bouncing babies in their laps were men." It's thought that the change is a result of "the economic downturn, a generational attitude shift concerning fathering, and a neighborhood where many residents have jobs with flexible schedules."

But ladies, let's keep the breastfeeding talk for our Tupperware parties okay? Reportedly "words like 'nipple' make the men blush."