Noah Baumbach's Squid and the Whale put the spotlight on a 1980s-era Park Slope, with plenty of screen time going to the Berkman family home. Two years after the film's 2005 release, that home went up for sale, and Michael-John van Rhyn and Mallory Loehr purchased it for $1.61 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, the brownstone (located at 167 Sixth Avenue) was in rough shape upon purchase, but the couple renovated it and have now put it back on the market for $3.45 million. Click here for even more photos of the place, where you will no longer see a trace of Baumbach's bohemians... though the family did make one change that brought the place back to the days of "old Park Slope":

"Interacting with neighbors during the renovations, Mr. van Rhyn and Ms. Loehr discovered that their backyard had at one stage linked with those of neighboring properties. They embarked on restoring this sense of community by combining their yard with that of a neighboring family. 'Twenty-five years ago, all the kids wandered the yards and had a good time. We have in essence reinitiated that,' says Mr. van Rhyn. 'It's a wonderful sense of community that's incredibly rare.'"

Now, what about something the rest of us can afford? Say, “an elegant new house across the park"?