Paris in Australia with a Dolphin

Paris Hilton is speaking publicly about the sex tape for the first time since returning from Australia (and hanging out with sea life which can't hold video cameras). The Daily News reports Paris as saying "I feel embarrassed [and] humiliated," and that she regrets the tape "especially because my parents and the other people who love me have been hurt." The DN also details her family's reaction to the situation (support, via crisis management from Dan Klores Communications) stints at various rehab clinics.

US Weekly's Janice Min went on the Today show to explain to Matt Lauer and America the Paris Hilton fascination (rich, likes to party, and her picture is everyone because she and sister Nicky are famously nice to the paparazzi). US Weekly also has a interview with Paris this week, where she says, "I don't want to go out, I don't want to party...I'm thinking about changes I need to make to my life." Min also says that this tape has made Hilton even more famous: "She's gone from Paris Who to Paris Wow."