Lloyd Grove says that the new A&F Quarterly, the Abercrombie & Fitch magalog, is finally NC-17 - buyers will need to show ID when buying the $7 magazine full of "naked girls and boys in sexually suggestive poses - even an orgy scene or two (either just getting started or just ending)." Coincidentlally, besides interviews with an actor from The O.C. (the one who doesn't look like Russell or who is Adam Brody) and with Steve "Where are you, Blue?" Burns, A&F Quartlery talks to Nicole Richie and current unwitting NC-17 entertainer, Paris Hilton. They ask if "you guys are on Friendster?"
Nicole: No.
Paris: No, but everyone keeps coming up and asking me that. Theyre'like, "I saw you on Friendster." And I'm like, "What does that mean?" And they're like, "Well, someone is pretending to be you." I don't even know what it is. Everyone tell me I'm in it, and it's so weird. It's really embarrassing.
Nicole: I think it's over the internet. You go on and meet friends online.
Paris: Um - I'm really not that desperate.

The new face of hard-hitting journalism? A&F Quarterly, for sure. The current desperate, embarrassing moment for Paris: The sex tape.