People, don't worry about Paris Hilton, this is how she wanted things. Or that's what the Daily News believes, based on the "expert opinion" of various people, like psychologists, sex therapists, professors, and Dan Savage. Headlines: – Narcissism; Stanley Teitelbaum, psychologist, "A lot of times people are so into themselves, they want to have a visual recording of what they're doing. They want to bask in the glow of what was going on."
– Excitement; Dan Savage, "Part of what makes sex sexy is risk. The riskier it is, the sexier it is." – The thrill of performance; Barbara Keesling, professor and author of The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex, "If you know you're being taped, you have sex differently &8211more enthusiastically&8211 than if you weren't."

The DN also points out other celebrities whose sexcapades were taped: Rob Lowe, the Go-Go's, Pamela and Tommy Lee (then Pamela & Bret Michaels, then Vince Neil & someone), and R. Kelly (ew). And Savage helpfully points out the bright side for Paris: "At least now she's famous for doing something." Daily News' Lenore Skenazy on how Paris Hilton is just like Zsa Zsa: "The Gabors got there and stayed for decades. Paris is only 22. Get comfy."

And Jason Kottke wonders why we haven't realized Paris is a raccoon yet: But in fact many women are raccoonish, thanks to the cosmetics industry.