Paris HiltonGothamist like military night vision home video fine, but we think we might like Paris Hilton's actual upcoming Fox television program, The Simple Life, with Nicole Richie better, if the Daily News' David Bianculli's review is any indication: "If you're looking for entertaining television, look no further. I don't know what her sex tape makes her look like, but 'The Simple Life' makes her look like an idiot." Brilliant!

Bianculli also notes after Paris and Nicole (who are left with an Arkansas farm family without their credit cards, cellphones, and other trappings to keep it real) call one of the family boys cute, "Nicole smiles wickedly and says to Paris, 'We should have a threesome with him.'" These girls, always thinking.

Maybe Paris is really just like us: (updated)
- She likes her new technology - Wired is running a new interview ("I want to get a huge, giant, the biggest flat screen you can get") and she has a Nokia 3650 cellphone with video camera. In fact, Paris tells Wired her ideal gift wish: A lie detector to attach to her cell phone. Techies, get your soldering guns ready and try to wow a wacky heiress! [Paris in the December Wired comes out later this week.]
- She has a bad ex-boyfriend - producer-aspring auteur ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon filed a $10 million lawsuit against her [Via Gawker]
- She uses the word "funnest" - She called her one day job at a roller-skating car hop for the Simple Life, "the funnest job ever."
- She's entertaining even in a word document - The sex tape transcription from Scrolldown.

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