2005_02_tmobile.jpgWell, clearly, when your T-Mobile Sidekick is hacked, it's scary. And newsworthy, in a Metafilter/slashdot/boing boing sorta way. But when you're Paris Hilton, clearly it's an opportunity for all sorts of heck to break loose. Not only were some strange photographs (kiss with another girl - check; kiss with top off - check) on it, but the phone numbers and emails of many celebrities, including a few New Yorkers (who knew Lindsay Lohan had a 347 cell?) as well.
This whole incident reminds Gothamist why we weren't born into a hotelier-family, why we haven't been in sex videos with skanky men, why we haven't used racial epithets and gotten away with it, why we wear underwear... Gothamist wonders when people will hack Snoop's sidekick, if that's what it'll take to stop people (including ourselves) from saying "shizzle" and whatnot.

The Paris Hacked! website. Gawker's breathless coverage of the Paris Hilton hacking story. Is it any wonder the manufacturer of the Sidekick is Danger? And, hey, the T-Mobile Sidekick II is $100 off!