Parents are not pleased with the latest Barbie to hit shelves, complaining that she's inappropriate for the delicate eyes of children. The tokidoki Barbie sports a neon pink bob, is covered in elaborate tattoos, and walks a spike-covered pet named Bastardino. Which actually sounds like...the coolest Barbie on the market in years!

"Is Mattel crazy? Selling Barbie dolls with tattoos? That was almost as bad as having a pregnant Barbie or Skipper! Is someone on drugs at Mattel??? Can't really believe this at all! Why don't they make a suicide Barbie, complete with rope and gun! Maybe that will really do these girls a favor in showing what a role model she is!" ranted one parent on the blog Ms. Twixt: Positive Experiences For Tween Girls. “I think it sends all the wrong signals for young girls,” one mother told CBS. "I think it is disgusting. I personally think tattoos are trashy," said another mother to ABC.

But Mattel officials are telling parents to chill out, because tokidoki Barbie is part of a high-priced ($50) limited-edition collection not geared toward children or sold in toy stores. "Barbie has sported an endless array of styles. Many of Barbie's most pop-culture couture outfits have been designed for the adult doll collector. The tokidoki Barbie is a perfect example of a limited-edition doll sold through select retail locations," the company said in a statement. As another commenter on Ms. Twixt put it: "I much prefer tattoos to unrealistic proportions and the message that the most important thing is to be pretty and get a boy. Good for you Mattel for making a doll a little more like the rest of us. I consider it a tiny step in the right direction."