Photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist

Great news, you are just seven easy steps away from getting this look we spotted at the Fashion Week tents. Ready? Go!:

1. Take off your pants.
2. Buy this "Enchanting Eyelet Hipster Panty" in black, from Sears (or wherever you buy your delicates), for just $5.60.
3. Steal grandma's Chanel purse.
4. Is that t-shirt white or pink? Either way, you don't need our help finding a t-shirt, they sell them at lots of stores. Just make sure it's the correct length and nearly sheer. This step could make or break this look for you.
5. Don't forget your sunglasses. No matter how confident you are, you won't be able to look anyone in the eye.
6. Moisturize! And shave. Hopefully you are already doing these things regularly because you are an adult lady.
7. Get a friend to walk next to you wearing a comedic amount of layers. Try to convince her to bring her winter coat.