Ya Ya at the Memphis Zoo; Photo - Memphis ZooMemphis is known for many things - Blues, barbecue, Al Green - and now they've added another jewel: PANDAS. The Times examines Memphis' determination to reinvigorate their economy by adding pandas to the Memphis Zoo. (More information about the Memphis Zoo's panda is lovingly detailed at their site.) Now the pressure is on for the pandas, Ya Ya and Le Le to mate, and have a panda baby, so the zoo can attract more visitors and sell baby panda paraphenalia. While the Zoo does have "Panda Hotel Packages," Gothamist thinks a surefire hit for a Memphis tourist package would be a "Ribs 'N' Panda Weekend" where you'd get to try the best barbecue AND see the pandas.

All this deserved fuss prompts Gothamist reexamine one of our favorite posts: Panda Passion Play, the mating of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian of the National Zoo, complete with pictures from the zoo's cameras.