This morning, we were excited to see a picture of a panda on the NY Times' Business Day section. It was related to a story about traveling in China - one of the Times' Frequent Flier articles where road warriors share their travel tales. Naturally, Gothamist turned to page C6 to read the article and find out why pandas are hanging out on conveyor belts and how we could get a piece of that action.

The article (see a picture below the jump) even had a picture of the author/Frequent Flier Ron Robins with a baby panda! Even better, we thought. But then it turns out there's nothing about pandas in the article. It's about knives and airport security. The only panda mention is in the caption: During a trip to China two years ago, Robins, a "retired intellectual property lawyer in Houston," saw a panda and went to western China. But clearly the Times layout designers are testing the hypothesis that pandas equal print readership gains.