2005_11_22_panda.jpgWhew, it's not a nice day out. You might even say that it is cold, wet, and generally unpleasant. Luckily for you, Gothamist knows what you need: Cute, adorable little pandas. Specifically, Washington D.C.'s newest panda, Tai Shan (a.k.a. Butterstick) who is all set to meet his public on Decemeber 8. And what a public he's got. The National Zoo made some 13,000 timed-entry tickets available to the public on Monday only to have only to have 8,000 of them snatched up in one hour. That's one popular panda!

And if that isn't enough panda action for you, check out the adorable shots that Jen caught earlier this week of the panda Jai Jai out in Hong Kong. Not as cute as Tai Shan, but you just try and tell us that they don't make today seem a little less grey.


Photograph of Tai Shan getting his teeth checked by Jessie Cohen for the AP/Smithsonian's National Zoo.