San Diego Baby Panda at Week Eleven; Photo - Reuters

The eleven week baby boy panda at the San Diego had a another routine check-up. He weighs in at a sturdy nine pounds and researchers say in a week or so, he will get teeth. Reuters notes that he is trying to stand on all four legs in this photo, but the San Diego says "he would tire himself out and fall asleep." You can sometimes see baby panda on the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam. And here are photographs of panda from previous exams.

In other exciting news, the BBC reports that panda researchers in China are trying to formulate new biscuits that can provide pandas with the nutrients they need (bamboos, the number one part of most pandas' diets, is not very nutriotious). The biscuits are in long, thin bamboo shapes so pandas will not be confused. Which makes us wonder if there's a market for creating iron-cast bamboo molds. [Via Nash]

And someone emailed Gothamist about a certain product (bottom left). Suffice to say, we so want one for our next Happy Hour.