Thanks to all the readers who let Gothamist know that how there are 40% more pandas in the wild today than there were 16 years ago. It's very exciting, but since the increase seems dramatic because there were so few to start - the increase is only 480 pandas (from 1,110 to 1,590), not including the hundred some born in captivity, so pandas are still endangered. Gothamist also appreciated how many media agencies noted that pandas are "famously sex-shy" and "notoriously difficult breeders, forcing Chinese scientists to try everything to encourage them to mate including showing panda porn films," because if there's something we know about, it's about being picky. And panda porn.

Learn more about the endangered panda and what you can do to help at the World Wildlife Fund. The best picture (above) was on the Toronto Globe and Mail homepage, accompanying the article (thanks, Mary Lynn). And Gothamist will wonder about how much lobbying would it take to get a pair of pandas to the Bronx Zoo.