Shuan Shuan arrives in Japan; Photo: AP

Nothing is more exciting than hearing about the lengths we humans will go to to ensure the future of pandas. One of Mexico's female pandas, Shuan Shuan, was shipped to Japan in hopes that she and Ueno Zoo's Ling Ling will mate successfully. That is because there is nothing better than the pitter-patter of panda paws. Reuters reports that Shuan Shuan was chosen because "she got on best with him" during Ling Lng's visit. But as you can see from our panda mating special, females pandas rarely get on top. Indicators of their mutual interest were "sounds, markings, by urinating, sniffing and looking at each other." That's exactly how Gothamist gets on with the opposite sex, except replace urinating with "second guesses."

[Thanks to Coolfer and callalillie]