phpyrTDu7PM.jpgNo word on how (and if) Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live will help out the Republican's campaign, but it certainly helped out Lorne & Co. Word is that the show saw its highest household ratings in more than 14 years (to be more specific: since March 12, 1994, when Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan hosted). To put it in a more recent perspective, ABC reports that the ratings were up 47% compared to the October 4th episode. Somewhere, Marky Mark is crediting himself for this. Meanwhile, in the D.C./Northern Virginia market, Obama aired a new television spot during Saturday's episode, targeting women and focuses on "McCain's position on women's compensation, health care, Social Security and abortion rights." McCain told a Virginia crowd on Saturday that he thought Palin and Fey were "separated at birth."