Eager to be rid of the zealous media attention, 927 Fifth Avenue co-op board is nearing an agreement to allow protected red-tail hawks Pale Male, Lola, and others roost at their building, if the Audubon Society designs a structure for them. However, the building's architect must agree to the design, and some hawk supporters are calling this a stall tactic to wait for the hawks to give up and find somewhere else to live. Many pro-hawk types are hopeful, including 927 Fifth resident Mary Tyler Moore who says the hawks can build their nest in front of her apartment's windows. This whole ordeal makes Gothamist realize that if you want to gain any ground with your co-op board, make sure animals, celebrities, people willing to be mobilized, and camera crews are involved (Curbed will be working on the helpful tips list, we're sure).

The NY Times' Clyde Haberman ups the ante and asked 927 Fifth Avenue protesters if they ever protested for the rights of homeless New Yorkers. And tonight, PBS station WNET Thirteen will be broadcasting the documentary Pale Male at 8PM. Plus, Jo Miller and WhatISee (photos 1, 2) on the subject.