Besides that 70°+ weather yesterday, would you like some further proof that we're at least moving towards spring? Well, would you?

How's about this then? This week, New York's most famous birds, Pale Male and Lola, have begun making house again at their Fifth Avenue penthouse perch!

After spending the winter months hanging around the trees in Central Park, nibbling on pigeons and squirrels, the couple has returned to higher ground to lay, hatch and nurse a new batch of eggs. This year will be the fifth that the couple has done this (13-year-old Pale Male has had ~26 chicks with four mates), so with any luck maybe Gotham might have us some baby red tails to coo over in April!

Update: Not to let the New out scoop them the Post turns up the Page Six and reports that Pale Male may have fertilized Lola's eggs in front of seemingly septuagenarian Cosmopolitan editrix Helen Gurley Brown. Chew on that why don't you.

Photograph of Pale Male and Lola in their fancy, co-op approved, nest taken Thursday by PaleMale.com.