Pacha, the multi-level midtown dance club of your dream-mares, is closing its doors in January after 10 years. Huh.

The club posted this earnest jeremiad to its homepage, though unfortunately doesn't offer a reason for its departure:

For 10 years, it was the home of the New York-style 24-plus-hour marathon; where EDM tested its chops and earned its stripes; where stars were born and fans were converted. It gave legendary promoter Rob Fernandez a room to transform, weekend in and weekend out. It cooled you off with nitrogen and heated you up with shower dancers. It was the only reason you went West of 11th Avenue (unless your car got towed).

This January, Pacha New York - lauded as one of the top nightclubs in the world by DJ Mag magazine, and “Best Superclub” at the Club World Awards for 5 years - is closing its doors for good. But not until after a month of unforgettable, need-to-be-there, best-parties-of-your-life, culminating in a marathon classics set with 46th Street staple, Jonathan Peters.

“The average nightclub lasts 18 months - we lasted 120,” says Pacha New York’s president, Eddie Dean.“It’s been a wild ride that none of us will ever forget. Our final parties will celebrate the different artists, styles, and scenes that have made Pacha great.”

Fans are also invited to share their most cherished Pacha memories on the club's Facebook page. Some samples:

"Im like gunna cry thanxx for the memories Pacha <3 <3"

"Wow. !!! Great times there even during construction !"

"Skrillex/Zedd - 2012 - Never forget."

In a departure from its typical house/dance lineup, both Fabolous (tonight) and Puff Daddy (December 4) will have performances closing things out. Check out the schedule here and lap up the last of the tunes before the space becomes an Audi dealership or something.