According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the cassette tape is now dead. The OED has cut the term from their new edition, making way for new additions "sexting," "retweet" and "mankini." Unsurprisingly, the move is not settling well with everyone.

Eight Track Museum owner Bucks Burnett says that because of the move he is banning the OED from his establishment, saying, "Mankini? That settles it! I'm going to ban the Oxford Dictionary from the museum. I have a copy and I'm going to recycle it! This decision to remove the word was made inside a Starbucks by 20-something editors on their lunch break. See if they still have the moon listed in the dictionary. I bet they do. Nobody uses the damn moon anymore, not even NASA."

Time notes that "people definitely still reference cassettes since they're not only still being sold, but also still being made." And what about the mixtape? Certainly there are some nostalgic romantics still making those.