Last winter, our inbox was inundated with photos of a spaceship/tank hybrid with Midwest plates in the heart of Brooklyn. The vehicle—which was spotted all around Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Bushwick and Prospect Heights—continued to stalk the borough over recent months. Was it a Burning Man structure? Gru's car from Despicable Me? A discarded prop from the original production of The Day The Earth Stood Still? After half a year without any answers, we finally know the identity of the vehicle's owner: it's a random dad.

NBC New York was able to finally track down owner Charles Walters, who explained to them how the vehicle started life out as a Chevrolet Blazer before being encased in stainless steel. Walters, a father of two undoubtedly mortified kids and entrepreneur "interested in drones and space travel," is really enjoying the peculiar looks he gets when he drives it around town. I feel like it looks something like this:

This is some peak dad humor: "What's life about if you can't have fun and freak people out?" he told NBC. "In theory, this could protect us as we re-enter Earth's atmosphere, specially designed for a time warp disturbance somewhere above Brooklyn."

Most of the time, Walters keeps the car parked in a garage in Bushwick (where he constructed it with a team of employees over a year ago), which means Walters has access to something even rarer than a silver spacetank right out of Leonardo Da Vinci's sketchbook.


Anyway, that's it: it wasn't Jabba The Hut's barge or a Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank. And it definitely isn't a real spaceship. Someone should probably tell the Chasing News team.

Update: Walters wasn't kidding when he talked about being interested in drones and space travel—Walters is also the co-owner of Williamsburg Pizza who tried to pioneer pizza delivery drones back in 2014
(h/t Miranda Katz). An update from Wired last year noted that the test runs proved too costly to continue, although the pizza place still offers a special $59 Drone Pizza Delivery Base Package.