The 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing (and thus the 30th anniversary of when Patrick Swayze went back in time and invented easy listening 24 years early) is almost upon us. So it's as good a time as ever for one of the people who's rebuilding a resort that people say inspired the movie to ask for state aid to clean it up.

The owner of Grossinger's Resort, a Catskills getaway that was open from 1919 to 1986, has asked the state Department of Environmental Conservation to designate the site a brownfield, according to the Times-Herald Record. That designation would allow Cappelli Enterprises, which owns the property, to receive state aid to clean up contamination from what Cappelli's environmental consultants say was damaged from things like underground fuel tanks and dry cleaning chemicals.

The request is tied to Cappelli Enterprises's plan to redevelop the property with a 300-room hotel and 500 housing units. Without the brownfield designation and resultant aid from the state, Cappelli says they may not go forward with their plans or even finish demolishing the buildings that remain on the land. At the moment, Grossinger's is a more scenic ruin than a Borscht Belt hotspot.

While Dirty Dancing itself was mostly filmed at Virginia's Mountain Lake Resort, there are at least a couple of Catskills resorts that have laid claim to inspiring the movie. The former Brown's Hotel, which became a condo apartment complex after the hotel closed and was destroyed by a 2012 fire, was said to have inspired the movie as well. However, Grossinger's has a claim on the movie as well, since screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein's family used to stay at the hotel and details from the life of a Grossinger's dance instructor made their way into the screenplay.