Not quite outdoing her husband's 60th birthday bash at the Beacon last year (which starred the Rolling Stones and was filmed by Martin Scorsese), Hillary Clinton entered a new age last night. Choosing the same venue to celebrate her 60th in, the music was provided by Elvis Costello and the Wallflowers (apparently no one from her campaign song list was available), and Billy Crystal provided some humor. The AP reports that she likened herself to the Wallflowers Jakob Dylan (perhaps not the best idea) saying that "no matter how much her family connections may have helped propel her candidacy, she ultimately will win or lose on her own." Maybe she'll have more success than Jakob.

200710hilday.jpgIn a recent interview with the Daily News, she talked about getting older, "Like a lot of people, I have gotten more patient, I have a better sense of what's really important in life. I'm not as, shall we say, workaholic, even though I work hard, it's not all-consuming. I just feel like I have a much more balanced view of life." Last night she managed to balance the two quite well, raising a couple million for her campaign while enjoying the company of friends and family.

The Daily News also reported that according to Clinton's website, the cheapest seats ($100 and $250) were sold out, whereas the $1,000 and $2,300 orchestra seats were not. How much did it cost to afterparty with the birthday girl? $25,000. No word on if Ad Rock made an appearance, this summer he told us he was supporting Hillary -- adding, "I’m sure my endorsement’s going to be the best thing for the campaign."

Photos by Frank Franklin II/ AP.