Today's story in the Post about the pitfalls of blogging about one's life is so last year, as in we covered it last year. The Post notes how people have lost their jobs, friendships, had their serious drinking problems revealed because of their propensity to detail every little thing on their blogs. Boo hoo. Lia, who runs cheesedip, mentions getting bizarre email from dudes with Asian festishes and adds, "Also, stalkers I had in college that I didn't know about have come out of the woodwork." That's so funny: Whatever stalkers Gothamist had have in fact disappeared into the woodwork after Gothamist launched. For the record, Gothamist reads cheeseip because we love Jarvis, Lia's dog.

The Post also talks to blogger Scott Lapatine and describes him as running "a popular media Weblog in Manhattan (he requested we not divulge the name so as to protect his identity)." Gothamist does not approve of anonymous blogging: We believe all bloggers should stand behind their posts with their real names. If you can't do that, you shouldn't be blogging. Scott Lapatine, while we will not out you publicly in this post, we recommend that you out yourself at your earliest convenience. The jig is up! Let your freak flag fly! As They Might Be Giants say, Scott Lapatine, you can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding. In other words, if you want to play Donnie Brasco and go all deep-cover, it's best to avoid giving interviews to the New! York! Post!

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