Rog, the Armchair Athlete, reminded us that there's an open casting call for Survivor tomorrow! It's at the Javits Center - here are his tips for that "Body by Starvation:

1. Filled out application (get the application here.)
2. Full body shot photo (fit or fat?)
3. Facial shot photo (Please do not be completely repulsive)
4. Valid passport, driver's license, or photo ID (No terrorists, please)

You can also bring a 3 minute video of yourself to help the casting people. Now, from our sporadic experience watching Survivor, it helps if it seems like you'll go clinically insane or if you're bugbite prone or you're willing to hookup with people there. And have violently adverse reactions to the jungle/desert/wherever helps too. If anyone goes, tell us about it!

Survivor: Panama ("Exile Island") will premiere on February 2. And now we're thinking about how Staten Island was Detective Logan's own exile island. In more Survivor news, Richard Hatch is going on trial for tax evasion. It seems like he didn't pay any taxes on the winnings from season 1 as well as several other tax no-nos.